What Are Some Factors That Determine the Value of a Used Television?

What Are Some Factors That Determine the Value of a Used Television?

The most significant factors that affect a used television's value are the condition, the brand and model, and the age of the TV as well as the included accessories. Assuming that the television works, the brand, model, and age are the most significant factors in determining the value. If the television does not work, its value is dramatically decreased.

Certain brands and models are more valuable than others. Consider the price of the television when it was new as a rough starting point. Immediately assume roughly a 30 percent price drop due to the television being used. Then factor in the age. Older televisions are generally less desirable than newer ones.

Evaluate the television's overall condition. Light wear only has a minor effect on the used value; however, cracks and noticeable scratches may decrease the price significantly. If the picture quality is diminished, that has a major effect on the value.

Finally, consider whether the remote, owner's manual, wires and other accessories are included. The remote and power cable have the greatest effect on used value.

When comparing a specific TV against the selling prices of other TVs of the same brand and model. UsedPrice.com offers a tool for pricing used televisions based on the brand, model and year.