How Does FaceTime Work?


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FaceTime is an Apple application that allows one user to video-call another user who also has the FaceTime application installed. Calls can be made over Wi-Fi to another device, but the other user must have FaceTime installed, which requires an iOS-enabled product.

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The FaceTime application is included automatically on a Macintosh computer, iPod Touch, iPad or iPhone. The application is typically used over a Wi-Fi connection, but it can be used over cellular networks. The application requires no downloading or account setup. A face-to-face video-call can be made, or something such as a business meeting can be relayed via FaceTime to another user.

All iOS-equipped devices have both front and back cameras. Once a FaceTime session is initiated, the user can choose the front camera for a face-to-face chat with family or friends, or the back camera can be chosen, which shows the person's surroundings. FaceTime can also be opened by voice commands on an iOS device that has a Siri subscription. The user simply tells Siri "FaceTime with Dad," and is automatically connected to a FaceTime session with the "Dad" contact that is in the iOS device.

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