How Do You Get Facebook Famous?

Users looking for fame on Facebook should consider their profile pictures, the frequency of their comments and posts and their number of friends. By carefully cultivating an image and interacting frequently, users may increase their presence on the social network.

A profile picture is often one of the first things other Facebook users notice. Try to choose a photo that's unique, exciting and enticing. A strong profile photo should also appeal to the opposite sex as much as possible. A photo that features its subject alongside a celebrity is likely to be popular.

Next, Facebook users should consider the rate of their posting and commenting. Frequently commenting on other users' posts raises visibility and exposes the fame seeker to other Facebook users. Try to comment both on friends' posts and public pages, such as those for popular memes, celebrities or musicians.

It's also important for users to make their own posts frequently. Posing questions or discussing current events typically elicits comments from a number of other users, raising the prominence of the fame seeker's posts.

Finally, adding large number of friends is another way to gain Facebook fame. Add friends and casual acquaintances, but also consider looking to other social networks, such as Twitter or Tumblr, to find new friends.