How Do You Extend Wi-Fi Coverage?


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The main ways to extend Wi-Fi coverage include upgrading the router and network adapters, installing a high-gain antenna and putting in additional access points. These can be traditional access points or wireless versions. Wireless repeaters also extend Wi-Fi coverage areas.

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Extending Wi-Fi coverage is possible through several means.

Upgrade the router and/or network adapters - the latest standards for routers and network adapters are faster than older standards. If applicable, upgrading the router can help to extend the Wi-Fi range. The network adapter in the computer will need to match the same standard, so will need upgraded as well if it does not.

High-gain antenna - wireless routers typically come with omni-directional antennas. This means they send the signal out equally in all directions. A high-gain antenna focuses the signal in one direction, so increases the range.

Access points - installing additional access points will also extend the Wi-Fi range. Standard access points require ethernet cables to be run from the router to the access point, but wireless options are also available.

Repeater - the final method of extending Wi-Fi range is with a repeater. This should be positioned at the outer edges of the current Wi-Fi range. This is the least best option because the network speeds of the devices connected to the repeater will be slower than if they were connecting with the Wi-Fi directly.

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