How Do You Export Contacts From Outlook 2010?

To export contacts from Outlook 2010, click the File tab, then under Options, select Advanced and click Export. Select Export to a file, choose Comma Separated Values (Windows), select Contacts, type the file name you prefer, and then finish the process.

  1. Navigate to the Export options

    Click the File tab, and select Options. Click Advanced, then under the Export group, click Export. In the Import and Export Wizard, choose the Export to a File option, and then click Next.

  2. Select the file type to export

    Under the Create a File of Type list, click Comma Separated Values (Windows), and then click Next. If you want to export the contacts to a copy of Outlook in another computer, choose Outlook Data File (.pst) as the file type.

  3. Select the folder you want to export from

    Click on the Contacts folder under the Select Folder to Export From list, and then click Next.

  4. Save the export file

    Click on Browse to select the location and file name of your export file, and then click OK. In the Export to a File dialog box, click Next. Click Finish to complete the process. Use the export file created to import the contact into other applications.