How Do You Export Bookmarks From Firefox?


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To export bookmarks from Firefox, select Show All Bookmarks from the Bookmarks menu, and click on Export Bookmarks to HTML. Name the file, and save it to the desktop.

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  1. Open Export Bookmarks to HTML dialog box

    Find the Bookmarks tab in the browser title bar. Click Show All Bookmarks to open the Library dialog box. You do not need to determine which bookmarks you want to export because the browser exports all the bookmarks. Find the drop-down menu indicated by a star icon, and click Export Bookmarks to HTML.

  2. Name the file

    Choose the preselected name that appears in the Save As box, or select a name that you can easily remember. Delete the current name, but leave the ".html" suffix tag. In the Tag box, type keywords that can help you find the file if you choose to save it in a location other than the desktop.

  3. Save the bookmarks file

    Choose the desktop as the location for your bookmarks file to allow easy access to the file when you want to import the bookmarks. You can save the file only as an HTML document. Click Save, and open it from the desktop. The bookmarks are listed according to how you organized them.

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