How Do You Export Bookmarks From Chrome 8?


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Export bookmarks from Chrome 8 to a USB drive using the browser's export function. Remove the USB from the first computer, insert it into the second device, and open the file to import the bookmarks. Complete the entire process in a few minutes.

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  1. Insert a USB drive

    Insert a USB or other portable drive into one of the ports of the computer with the stored data.

  2. Move the bookmarks to the drive

    Open Chrome, press the wrench in the upper left corner, and select the Export Bookmarks function. Save the page that opens to the USB drive using the computer's save function. Click the icon on the lower toolbar for the removable disk and select the Remove Disk option. Remove the drive from the computer when the device instructs you to do so.

  3. Import to the new computer

    Install Chrome 8 onto the new computer or verify installation. Insert the USB drive into the second computer. Open Chrome 8 on the second device. Press the wrench button from the upper left corner of the screen. Select the Import Bookmarks tab from the browser. When prompted, select the appropriate file containing the bookmarks. Chrome creates a new folder in your bookmarks called Imported. Open this folder to see the bookmarks you just exported from your other computer or device.

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