Is Explore Talent a Scam?

Is Explore Talent a Scam?

Explore Talent is a legal, accredited talent subscription site operating out of Las Vegas, Nevada, which may nevertheless be considered a scam by current and former members who have encountered problematic aspects of the company's services. The site offers a database of modeling and acting employment opportunities.

Explore Talent charges a fee of roughly $200 annually, as of 2015, for members to build a profile page featuring their headshots and resume. They can search a database of entertainment jobs and have the ability to apply by automatically forwarding their profile to the relevant casting directors.

The business has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and no open complaints, though it has received 32 complaints since 2012. The majority cite false advertising and issues with the service. Members who fail to book jobs or who respond to fraudulent casting notices feel that Explore Talent is illegitimate. Many of the posts in their database may be published elsewhere online, where they can be accessed for free.

In 2013, two New York-based actors told Backstage Magazine that Explore Talent solicited them by phone and email, offering them roles in the film "The Judge" if they signed up for the service. Explore Talent refutes these claims and maintains that they do not guarantee work to members.

In 2009, California lawmakers passed the Krekorian Talent Scam Prevention Act, which makes services that charge a fee to provide actors with an audition or employment opportunity illegal. However, Nevada has no such law.