What are some expensive stereo systems?


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Wisdom Audio���s Infinite Wisdom Grand, Transmission Audio���s Ultimate and the Goldmund Epilogue Signature Audio systems are a few expensive stereo systems. Wisdom Audio���s Infinite Wisdom Grand, which system costs $700,000 as of 2015, has 13-foot speakers and weighs 2 tons. It is ideal for multilevel homes and palatial estates.

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Transmission Audio���s Ultimate system features two speakers, each containing 40 subwoofers, with an output of 31,000 watts. The system, which comes with a 10-year warranty, has a value of $2 million.

The Goldmund Epilogue Signature Audio system, which has a $1 million price tag, consists of Epilogue 1 speakers with brass, steel and aluminum enclosures, neoprene seals for speaker driver components and a sophisticated crossover design that allows for easy upgrades as they become available.

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