How Do You Exit Safe Mode?


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To exit safe mode in a Windows operating system, simply restart your computer. This time when your computer starts up, don't press any keys, and instead allow it to boot normally. If your problem isn't fixed when you boot Windows normally, you can simply restart the computer and press and hold F8 as it's booting.

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Safe mode is used to boot a Windows operating system with only its core components and services running. The purpose of this is to identify programs or device drivers that could potentially cause issues with the way Windows is starting or running. On the Advanced Boot Options screen, you can select between Safe Mode, Safe Mode with Networking, and Safe Mode with Command Prompt. Booting into Safe Mode with Networking is particularly helpful if you don't have a second device on hand to research potential solutions. Microsoft provides a list of diagnostic tools to use in safe mode on their website. One of the best starting points for troubleshooting a Windows device is the system restore feature. This allows you to revert your PC to its state at an earlier point in time, potentially eliminating newly-installed programs or device drivers as the cause for your problem.

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