What Is an Excel Workbook?

excel-workbook Credit: ra-photos/E+/Getty Images

An Excel workbook is composed of several pages of worksheets developed by Microsoft. Worksheets are combined together in workbooks to make location and organization of information easier.

Sets of data and tables can be used to create a worksheet. Worksheets are important for organizing and finding data; they can be used for work information or personal information. They can be composed of numbers, words or other types of input systems. A worksheet is important for keeping track of important information and can be used as an organizational technique. An example of a worksheet can be data put into cells that organize various dates. A worksheet can be used to keep track of employee time, customer purchases and expenses.

Microsoft Excel provides important tools for people and companies who wish to organize data. These tools can be accessed from workbooks and are easier to find when they are all in one place. Worksheets can be organized and labeled to make them easier to find. The bottom of the page in a worksheet will show tabs that have the titles of the other worksheets that are present in a workbook. Workbooks can have many different worksheets that are all related to each other and make information location simple.