What Is an Excel Inventory Spreadsheet?


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An Excel inventory spreadsheet is a spreadsheet designed using Microsoft Excel that facilitates inventory maintenance, analysis and control. This spreadsheet can be customized for different types of inventories and can use intricate code, based on specific business requirements.

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Organizing inventory, predicting movement and planning purchases is simplified with an inventory management worksheet. Most Excel inventory spreadsheets contain basic inventory information such as item number or inventory ID, item category, item name, description and unit price. Other information conveyed in inventory spreadsheets includes quantity in stock, inventory value and reorder level.

Advanced Excel inventory spreadsheets may also include information such as item location, racks, bins, suppliers and movement. They also include inventory analysis details that help resource management and accounting teams analyze product movement and value of items in stock. They can also use trends within a specific time frame to predict sales, profits or expenditure.

An Excel inventory spreadsheet can be customized from existing templates or created from scratch, based upon individual business requirements. A number of inventory templates are available for download from the official Microsoft Office templates site as well as third-party websites. Inventory spreadsheet templates can be downloaded directly within the Microsoft Excel application by opening the application, clicking on File, then New, then Microsoft Office Online and searching for "inventory templates" in the search field.

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