Does the "Excel for Dummies" Book Provide Spreadsheet Examples?


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The "Excel 2013 for Dummies" book includes examples of spreadsheets for users to familiarize themselves with worksheet creation and editing functions. The book does not contain an exhaustive list of examples, but it provides the reader with skills to interpret data and create their own spreadsheets and databases.

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The first Excel versions were released in 1985 for Mac and 1987 for Windows. Excel was originally designed to compete with Lotus 1-2-3, which was more popular with MS-DOS users than Microsoft's existing spreadsheet program called Multiplan. There are 52 different titles available from the "For Dummies" online bookstore that deal with Microsoft Excel, as of May 2015. The first "For Dummies" book was "DOS for Dummies," published in 1991. "Windows for Dummies" is the best-selling computer book of all time, having sold more than 15 million copies.

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