What Are Some Examples of Voice Messages?


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An example of a voice message greeting is, "Hello, this is [name]. I am currently out of town, so please leave a message." In many cases, voice messages let callers know that they have reached you and may also give them information about your availability.

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Voice mail messages are often necessary when one has stepped away or is on another call. In some cases, a person does not answer a call simply because he is busy, sleeping, talking to another person on another call, is not physically near the phone or is simply enjoying break time.

Many land line office phones go directly to voice mail if the individual is already talking on the handset. In such instances, it is vital to ask callers to leave messages, since the person may not realize that he missed a call while on another call.

In other cases, you can use a temporary absence voice message to inform callers that you are not going to be available for a given time period due to vacation, work duties and other activities that entail extended unavailability. Be sure to inform callers when you are planning to return so they know when to expect your return call or can plan to contact someone else.

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