What Are Some Examples of Usernames?


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Some examples of usernames are johnsmith, jsmith, smithj and john.smith. Typically, an individual creating a username uses his actual name so that the username correctly identifies him. People frequently use these types of usernames for email addresses, instant messaging identities and login user names for websites and programs. For email addresses, the user name precedes the standard @website.com.

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Business environments and personal accounts used for professional correspondence, such as job applications or schoolwork, make use of these standard formats for usernames. Kids tend not to follow this standard format in creating usernames. Instead, they attempt to create usernames that are funny but still uniquely identify them to their friends. For example, a young girl who is a dancer and whose favorite number is 25 might select Dancer25 or some variation.

Additionally, usernames for video game identities, online identities and other identities where the user prefers to remain anonymous typically do not follow the standard format. Instead, these users create unique and often humorous usernames.

Usually, users create these unique usernames themselves; however, there are also many websites that can help a user create a username. These sites typically request various information about the user, such as the user's interests, personality characteristics, nicknames and favorite numbers and colors. Two popular user name creation sites are SpinXO.com and JimPix.co.uk.

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