What Are Some Examples of Unusual DVD Holders?

What Are Some Examples of Unusual DVD Holders?

Examples of unusual DVD holders include the Atlantic Wave DVD Tower and the ZigZag Media Holder. The 60 CD/DVD One-Touch Case, Discgear Selector 100-Disc HD Disc Storage System and the Duoplane CD Shelf, which can also be used for DVDs, are other examples of creative DVD storage.

The Atlantic Wave DVD Tower stores up to 74 DVDs. It has a wooden base and shelves constructed of black steel. This tower is a space saver, as it provides vertical storage, and its curved design is not only visually appealing but specially designed for the best view of the DVD title spines.

The ZigZag Media Holder can accommodate both CDs and DVDs. The shelves have a zig zag shape and are portrayed as being held by a small man. It can store up to 40 items.

The 60 CD/DVD One-Touch Case provides protection for DVDs while eliminating the space taken up by their cases. DVDs are inserted into sleeves, and with the touch of a button, they are ejected for perusal. While this model holds only 60 DVDs, models with increased capacity are available.

The Discgear Selector 100-Disc HD Disc Storage System has a contemporary design that both protects DVDs and conserves space by keeping them out of their cases. Up to 100 DVDs are stored in individual, numbered slots, and are chosen by running a tab to the desired number. When the lid is lifted, the tab pulls the DVD safely from the case.

The Duoplane CD Shelves are marketed for CD storage but can also accommodate DVDs. They mount directly to the wall and come in orange, white and black. While they are hung horizontally for CD storage, vertical hanging expands the height of the shelves to house DVDs.