What Are Examples of Text Messaging Lingo?


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Examples of text messaging lingo, often known as textspeak, include shorthand terms such as B4, GR8 and ORLY. Other examples include anagrams such as BRB and seemingly coded messages with alternative meanings, such as 143.

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Shorthand textspeak often replaces spelled-out words with homonyms that have letters. For example, the word "before" becomes B4 when the numeral 4 replaces the last four letters of the word. Similarly, GR8 is shorthand for the word "great." ORLY shortens the phrase “oh, really?” by eliminating extra letters. Anagrams are especially common examples of text messaging lingo. BRB means "be right back," and IYKWIM is short for "if you know what I mean."

Some examples of text messaging lingo do not follow these patterns and often appear as nearly indecipherable code to those who don't know the popular cultural references behind them. The number 143 is textspeak for “I love you” because television show star Mr. Rogers once claimed that this number was the same as "I love you" due to there being one letter in the word "I," four letters in "love" and three letters in "you." Other examples include emoticons that look like faces. QQ, for instance, is text messaging lingo for someone crying.

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