What Are Some Examples of a Portable Wi-Fi Device?


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Examples of portable Wi-Fi devices include the Samsung LTE Mobile HotSpot Pro, the Clear Spot 4G - Appolo, and the Unite Pro mobile hotspot. These portable Wi-Fi devices, also known as mobile hotspots, provide an Internet connection to other devices via Wi-Fi connectivity while on-the-go.

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The type of portable Wi-Fi device to use in a given situation depends on a number of factors, but available service providers within the main area of use plays a major role. Portable Wi-Fi devices utilize cellular towers to receive and transmit data. While some portable Wi-Fi devices simply provide a means of connecting other devices to the Internet, manufactures are finding innovative ways to make these devices even more appealing. For example, the Unite Pro mobile hotspot, which was released in November 2013 also features a battery-powered gadget charger to keep the connected device going.

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