What Are Some Examples of Old-School Cell Phones?


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Before the age of smartphone devices, the cellphone industry was a much different world. Some examples of phones that were popular before smartphone technology include the Nokia 3310, Nokia 3200, Motorola StarTAC, Motorola RAZR, Danger Hiptop and Nokia 8210.

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The Nokia 3310 was one of the popular cellphones during the emergence of mobile phones. The phone, made of plastic, had soft keys that were easy to use. It came with the Snake II game application that made it even more popular. The Motorola StarTAC was another cellphone that was among the first designed with a color screen. With its thin design, the phone was popular in the market. The Nokia 3200 was clearly different from all other cellphones at that time, as it featured just six keys. It was cumbersome to control, especially writing text messages due to the lesser amount of keys. Despite this drawback, the cellphone gained popularity for a brief period of time.

The Motorola RAZAR was one of the earliest flip cellphones. This trendsetting device had a light-up keypad and an LCD screen, making it very popular at the time. The Danger Hiptop was one of the easiest cellphones to operate due to the style of keys, while the Nokia 8210, released in 1999, featured soft keys that made text messages easier to type.

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