What Are Some Examples of Interactive Business Dashboards?


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Examples of interactive business dashboards include the main analytics and data review pages on services such as Google Analytics, Facebook Pages Insights or ClicData, as of 2015. It is also possible to make an interactive dashboard from existing data using programs such as Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint.

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An interactive business dashboard can contain a wide range of information, depending on the needs of the business and the source of its information. The main point of its interactivity is to allow the viewer to alter different fields and criteria to view different segments of the data and gain various insights on one or several aspects of the business. For example, Google Analytics allows users to track extensive details regarding website traffic, including the demographics of visitors, the length of time spent on the site, the pages each user sees each during a visit and how they came to the site. Its dashboard displays charts and graphs of this information and allows the user to set custom date ranges or see specifics of each data point.

Similarly, the ClicData interactive business dashboard offers charts and lists of data values but across many different fields and in different industries. Its dashboard may track data such as sales conversions, effectiveness of online advertising or total losses across different products.

Spreadsheet and presentation software allows users to create custom interactive dashboards by taking raw data and organizing it into different segments. The programs allow the user to pull the data as needed to create charts and graphs, comparing the data in many different ways.

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