What Are Some Examples of Help Desk Templates?


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An example of a help desk template includes the ticket number and category, the name of the employee or customer calling to troubleshoot a problem and information about the caller such as department name, employee or customer identification number and manager or sales contact. A help desk template should also provide a space for the date, time and name of the technician assisting with troubleshooting.

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Help desk template examples include a space for the technician to detail the nature of the problem. For example, a caller may have issues with setting up an office phone, logging into a company computer or navigating a software program.

The technician's response is commonly the largest portion of a help desk template. The technician should detail the initial action taken, the instructions provided to the employee, client or customer and the results of these actions. Problems that are not solved during the help desk call typically require follow-up attention or may be forwarded to another department. A portion of the help desk template should provide space for specific follow-up actions and final notes from the technician.

Examples of help desk templates include space for a time notation detailing the duration of the call and any call back requests to process.

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