What Are Some Examples of Cell Phones Offered by Alcatel?

What Are Some Examples of Cell Phones Offered by Alcatel?

Alcatel OneTouch sells the ALCATEL ONETOUCH IDOL 3 and IDOL X+ smartphones, which are unlocked. Alcatel OneTouch also offers feature phones, such as the ALCATEL ONETOUCH A205G and the Big Easy Flip A392A.

The ALCATEL ONETOUCH IDOL X+ is compatible with several different carriers, including AT&T, T-Mobile, MetroPCS, Net10 and Univision. The IDOL X+ features an Octa-Core MediaTek processor for enhanced power and efficiency. The IDOL 3 is also compatible with several different carriers, and it features a 5 1/2-inch technicolor enhanced display.

TracFone mobile service carries the ALCATEL ONETOUCH POP STAR LTE and the SONIC LTE. Alcatel smartphones sold through T-Mobile include the EVOLVE, POP ASTRO and Fierce 2 models. MetroPCS also uses the EVOLVE and Fierce 2 smartphones. The C1 is an affordable smartphone that is compatible with AT&T.

Alcatel OneTouch offers three feature phones through TracPhone. The BIG EASY PLUS A383G features a large screen and keypad, and also has easy-to-read fonts. Boost Mobile offers the Alcatel OneTouch Fling.

Alcatel OneTouch sells unlocked IDOL X+, IDOL 3, IDOL 2, IDOL MINI and POP C9 smartphones directly to customers at the company website. The company redirects customers to individual carriers to purchase other products. Alcatel smartphones use Android operating systems. It is a brand of TCL Communications, which is a division of the TCL Corporation. The company designs, manufactures and markets mobile and Internet devices.