What Are Some Examples of Free 3-D Moving Backgrounds?

What Are Some Examples of Free 3-D Moving Backgrounds?

Examples of free 3-D moving backgrounds include Goldfish, Aquarium, Fantasy Garden, Ancient World and Apocalyptic. These free moving backgrounds are available at sites such as Awallpapermill.com and DesktopAnimated.com.

Goldfish is a simple animated background that turns the computer into a virtual fish tank. Watch small schools of goldfish move back and forth across the screen framed against a peaceful aquatic background. Aquarium is a similar 3-D desktop that offers a more varied selection of fish on display.

Fantasy Garden displays a lush fantasy setting on users’ desktops, complete with forests, ponds and moving unicorns. Users looking for desktops in a similar vein can also try Fire Dragon, which fills the desktop with a ferocious, fire-breathing dragon, or Mystic Island, which displays a unique fantasy island setting featuring flying birds, rustling trees and gently lapping waves.

Ancient World harkens back to the time of dinosaurs, transforming the desktop into a prehistoric zoo filled with various creatures. The desktop pack contains three distinct backgrounds featuring different environments with different dinosaurs, from a plaintive scene of triceratops feeding at a watering hole to a more fearsome background highlighting a tyrannosaurus rex.

The Apocalyptic desktop background pack contains multiples scenes depicting urban environments ravaged by time. Choose from a ruined coastal landscape, a street scene containing a bizarre vortex or a scene of the New York City skyline submerged in water.