How Do You Find an Example of a Good Electronic Portfolio?


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A source of good electronic portfolio examples are virtual galleries and student portfolios posted by some universities, such as Auburn University, as well as websites that are homes for portfolios, such as Other Peoples Pixels. The print book "Showcase" by Rafael Jaen is also a good source, particularly for those in the theatrical design professions.

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Many people who are pursuing degrees in the arts are required to take a course in portfolio preparation; the courses now tend to include electronic portfolios, and the instructors present good examples of portfolios to inspire the students. Some instructors may offer advice even for those who are not pursuing a degree.

The format of an e-portfolio may be driven by the website that is the selected host of the portfolio. For example, when using a site such as Other People's Pixels, the portfolio can also double as a site for selling the artist's work. Because of that, each picture in the portfolio has a separate webpage, which may force differences compared to a physical portfolio, where multiple pictures may be on a page. Those who create their own websites may have more freedom for arranging their portfolios, but the creation may be more complicated.

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