What Is an Example of a "classic" Home Page?


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Google is an example of a website with a classic home page. The fun, colorful design of Google's logo has made its home page instantly recognizable.

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Google began in 1996 as a search engine website called BackRub. The name was changed to Google in 1997, and the company's simple, text-only logo helped the website quickly gain popularity. The quirkiness of Google's name, along with the website's minimalist design aesthetic and easy-to-navigate features, were instrumental in making its home page stand out against competitors. Google became so popular at one point that its name eventually began being used as a verb. For example, instead of saying "I'm going to do a web search," users quipped, "I'm going to Google it."

Google's search engine roots have branched out over time; as of 2015, the website includes links to mapping software, email, calendars and social media. However, the overall look of the home page remains consistent. Although various concept logos have been considered, none have been permanent; basic text changes include variations in color, shading and theme. Google frequently honors historical figures, holidays and special events with animated changes to its home page. The company is one of the most successful technology firms in the world.

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