What Is Ethiopian Music ArifZefen?

ArifZefen is an online music service specializing in Ethiopian music. Available on multiple Android platforms as well as the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, ArifZefen streams free music to users via an ad-generated revenue model, which is similar to U.S. services such as Pandora Internet Radio and Spotify.

Broadcasting traditional music as well as contemporary Ethiopian songs, ArifZefen seeks to curb piracy by offering free music to users while sharing ad revenue with artists on the service. The company also sells tracks through services such as iTunes, creating additional revenue streams for both the company and its participating artists.

The application is free for iOS and Android users. The California-based company expresses its commitment to creating a sustainable artistic community in Ethiopia using modern technology. ArifZefen is committed to bringing the full breadth of Ethiopian music to the international community, supporting and carrying work from all artists regardless of current popularity.

Through continued optimization, ArifZefen has evolved to reduce bandwidth consumption and latency by factoring in location and connection type, which optimizes both the user experience and network overhead of the application. The application also comes with the ability to generate custom playlists and share them on Facebook and Twitter.