How Do You Get ESPN3 on a Tablet?

ESPN3 is available to watch on tablet, computer, or phone and only requires an Internet connection. To access ESPN3 on a tablet, download the Watch ESPN application. The application is free and available for download through Amazon Apps, Google Play, Windows Store and the Apple Store.

To download the application, visit the correct application store for your tablet and search for Watch ESPN. Once the application is found, click download and install. After the application is installed it gives the user the option to log in. Although Watch ESPN gives free access to all users, the free access only allows the user access to ESPN3 and ESPN’s video-on-demand clips on the front video wall.

For access to more live events and the full range of ESPN networks, you must provide your subscription information from an ESPN-affiliated service provider. If your cable service provider is not on ESPN’s list of affiliates then you are not going to be able to watch live content from ESPN’s other networks without buying a subscription.

Even though Watch ESPN is free to use and watch, data rate charges do apply. Since streaming video consumes large amounts of data, use Wi-Fi or make sure you have an appropriate data plan with your wireless provider.