What Does the Error Message, "You Don't Have Permission to Access the Requested Object. It Is Either Read-Protected or Not Readable by the Server" Mean?

Permissions for viewing computer files can be set to prevent access by other users or even anyone accessing it from another network or over the Internet. These permissions are set by the user who created the file, and that user is the one who must be contacted to change those permissions.

A user who created a file can choose to alter the file's properties and restrict access to the file. This can make the file read only (to prevent anyone but the original user from altering its contents), password protected or completely inaccessible by others, according to Microsoft. These restrictions can be applied to specific other users, from access by other networks across a LAN or access from outside a LAN via the Internet.

The author of the file can change or eliminate these permissions at any future time. Many LANs also grant the network administrator the ability to view and change the permissions on the file within the network, but such authority may vary from organization to organization.

If access to a denied file is needed, contact the individual user who initially created the file or contact the network administrator and ask for assistance if the file owner isn't available.