What Does the Error Message "ActiveX Component Can't Create Object" Mean?

The error “ActiveX component can’t create object” appears most often when using the program Microsoft Access. It often means there is something wrong with the database or library permissions.

The first possible explanation for this error is that the DAO is not properly registered. Click “Start” in Windows and select “run,” then type in “regsvr32” followed by the path of the DAO file to fix this problem. Another potential cause is that one of the references is missing. Open the Microsoft Visual Basic Editor by pressing ALT and F11. Uncheck any reference under the tools menu that says “missing” to solve this error. Another potential cause of this error is that the utility database reference has a problem. Solve this problem by loading the “references” section in the Visual Basic Editor and unchecking any box that has a Utility Database reference. The error may also mean that your libraries do not have the permissions you need. Various utilities are able to figure out which files are lacking the right permissions, and then solve the problem. If you have a wizard file that is damaged, this may also cause the “Active X component can’t create object” error. Repair the wizard files using backup CDs.