What Equipment Do You Need for a Music Studio?

equipment-need-music-studio Credit: Image Source/Digital Vision/Getty Images

The equipment required for a music studio includes a recording device, a microphone, monitor speakers, headphones, an MIDI controller or synthesizer, cables and an audio interface. These are several of the basic tools needed to build a professional-quality studio. The recording device is generally a computer with a built-in sound card. Sequencing software is required to record audio from a microphone, to mix tracks, add effects and export files.

When using a computer, it is important to invest in a sound card that is designed exclusively for recording. A high-quality microphone is required for a music studio, and condenser microphones are a popular choice. These microphones are versatile and record both vocals and acoustic instruments. Dynamic microphones are used for individual rock band instruments. When recording vocals, it is important to have a pop filter to protect the microphone from hard "p" and "s" sounds.

Monitor speakers and headphones are important for a music studio, and these components are different from regular stereo speakers, as they can broadcast audio as it records without altering the sound. A MIDI controller or synthesizer is useful for programming different sounds. A MIDI controller is available in different shapes and sizes and includes drum machines, guitar synths and wind instrument synths. The audio interface is similar to an external sound card. This device is used to plug in microphones and digital instruments. The interface handles analog-to-digital conversion.