How Do You Enter GPS Coordinates in Google Maps?

enter-gps-coordinates-google-maps Credit: pictafolio/E+/Getty Images

After opening the Google Maps website, a search box will be visible in the upper left corner of the page. Instead of searching for a street address, enter GPS coordinates in the search box.

Google Maps is able to decipher coordinates written in three different formats. The first is degrees, minutes and seconds, which is written as 42° 28' 13.1983". The second accepted format is degrees and decimal minutes. A latitude coordinate would be written as 42.02956 in this format. Google Maps also accepts coordinates written in decimal degrees. The Google Support website has a coordinate-formatting tool available to help people who are not sure how to format latitude and longitude coordinates properly. It is possible to use GPS coordinates to find a location if an address is not available.

Latitude and longitude coordinates must be formatted properly to work on Google Maps. For example, latitude must be listed before longitude. Google Maps will not be able to find a location with coordinates if there are commas used in place of decimals or if the user types the letter "d" instead of the degree symbol. It is possible to make the degree symbol by using ALT+128 on a standard keyboard. The Google Support team advises against using the DD:MM:SSS format.