How Do You Enter Characters With Accents in Microsoft Word?

To enter characters with accents in Microsoft Word, use keyboard shortcuts or the "Insert" menu. For extensive typing in languages other than English, Microsoft recommends switching to a different keyboard layout.

All Latin characters with accents have keyboard shortcuts in Microsoft Word. These are usually combinations of the CTRL key and an accent character, followed by the letter. Here are some examples:

  • à: CTRL+` (accent grave), a
  • á: CTRL+' (apostrophe), a
  • â: CTRL+SHIFT+^ (caret), a
  • ã: CTRL+SHIFT+~ (tilde), a
  • ä: CTRL+SHIFT+: (colon), a
  • å: CTRL+SHIFT+@, a
  • ç: CTRL+, (comma), c
In these examples, keys pressed simultaneously are separated by a plus sign (+), while those pressed after releasing a key or combination of keys are separated by a comma. Microsoft Word also allows users to enter Unicode characters by typing the character code followed by the "ALT+X" combination.