How Do You Enter a BMW Radio Code?

After turning the ignition key and powering the radio, the radio displays the word "CODE." Use the number buttons on the radio to type in the numeric radio code that was given by the dealership when the vehicle was purchased. If the owner of the vehicle cannot locate the radio code, then he or she can contact the dealership with the vehicle's serial number to obtain the radio code.

All BMW radios have a theft-protection system in which a numeric code must be entered in order for the radio to work. When these vehicles get new batteries or power gets cut off to the radio, the radio will display the word "CODE" and will not work until the specific radio code has been entered.

  1. Make sure there is power running to the radio.
  2. Make sure that the vehicle's battery is properly connected and is supplying power to the vehicle.

  3. Turn on the vehicle and prepare to enter the code.
  4. Insert the key into the ignition and turn it so that the dash lights turn on. Make sure the radio is turned on and displays the word "CODE".

  5. Enter the code.
  6. Enter the numeric code that was given by the dealer for the radio using the numbered buttons. Contact the dealership if the code has been misplaced or was never given at the time the vehicle was purchased.