How Do You Enter BIOS?

You may enter BIOS by quickly pressing a key when the computer is first turned on. This must be done within a specific time frame. The required key varies depending on the computer so you must either refer to the manual or find it on the screen.

  1. Find the necessary key

    Review your computer's manual. These manuals are often available online from the website of the computer or motherboard's manufacturer. If you are unable to find the correct key, check the initial splash screen that displays when your computer powers on. The key is typically F2, Del, Esc or similar.

  2. Enter BIOS setup

    Restart your computer, and press the BIOS setup key when prompted. You may press this key several times if you are worried about the timing. If you were unable to locate the required key and are using Windows 8, you may be able to enter BIOS by opening the Start screen, clicking Settings, clicking Change PC settings and clicking Restart now under Advanced startup.

  3. Change the settings

    Locate the settings you wish to alter and save your changes afterwards. Be careful when doing so. Improper changes to BIOS can cause your computer to stop working properly. Understand what each setting does before you change it. If a setting is changed incorrectly, you may need to reset BIOS by removing the battery or using a jumper on the motherboard.