How do you enroll in Patient Fusion?


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To enroll in Patient Fusion, access the personal health record section on the Practice Fusion portal, and choose the Enroll in PHR option. Click on Add Record Access. Once the enrollment is complete, the patient receives an invitation to create a Patient Fusion account via email.

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After opening the patient chart on the Practice Fusion portal, click on the Actions button located at the top right corner of the page. From the options given, select Enroll in PHR. Click on Add Record Access, and select Self from the options given in the Relationship field.

The contact details of the patient, such as phone number and email ID, are automatically filled in the concerned fields from the demographics of the patient. Edit these, if required. Click Enable Access, the orange button towards the right side of the page.

Once the patient receives an invitation to open an account with Patient Fusion, he must use an autogenerated PIN, located in the PIN/Status column or provided by his doctor, to verify his identity and complete the enrollment process. If the PIN is lost, it can be located in the Manage Patient Portal (PHR) Access setting on the patient chart. Alternatively, the patient can use his phone number for identity verification.

Resend the invitation to enroll in Patient Fusion using the same procedure after cancelling the previous invitation, if the patient is unable to access the registration email.

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