How Do You Enlarge the Text Size in Internet Explorer?


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To increase the size of text in Internet Explorer, disable the preset font size and style from the Accessibility dialog box, select the desired font, and choose the font size from the View menu. Alternatively, increase the size of every element of a webpage, including the text size, by modifying the zoom level via the menu or keyboard shortcuts.

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How Do You Enlarge the Text Size in Internet Explorer?
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To access the Accessibility dialog box, click on the cogwheel icon in the upper right corner, click on Internet Options in the drop-down menu, and click on the Accessibility button in the Appearance section. Check the box next to the Ignore Font Sizes Specified on Webpages option, and click OK. Click on the Fonts button in the Internet Options dialog box, select the desired Web page and plain text fonts from the lists, and click OK. Press the Alt key to open the main navigation bar, click on View, hover over the Text Size option, and select one of the five size presets.

To increase the zoom level, click on the cogwheel icon, hover over the Zoom option, select one of the preset zoom levels, or click on Custom to specify a custom zoom value. To modify the zoom level via keyboard shortcuts, keep pressing the "+" key while holding down Control to increase the zoom level incrementally, or press the "-" key while holding down Control to decrease it. The selected zoom level applies to every webpage opened in Internet Explorer.

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