How Do You Enlarge a Polar Bear Printable?


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To enlarge a printable image of a polar bear, download and install an image editing program, such as IrfanView, and use its built-in image resizing functionality to specify new dimensions. After modifying the size, save the file, and print it. Alternatively, modify the width and height parameters, or set a new scale for the image, from the Print screen in IrfanView.

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Go to IfranView.com, click on the Download link, and select one of the available download options. After the file is downloaded, double-click on it to start the installation process, and follow the instructions until the process completes. During installation, make sure to associate all image formats with IrfanView. Double-click on the polar bear image to open it in IrfanView, click on the Image button in the navigation bar, and select the Resize/Resample option.

When the Resize/Resample dialog box appears, select one the preset dimensions from the drop-down menu, or set a custom size by typing the desired values in the Width and Height fields. Alternatively, use percentage values to increase the image size. If you want the keep the original proportions, check the box next to the Preserve Aspect Ratio option. With this option, IrfanView should automatically set the other parameter after specifying height or width. If you want to improve the quality of the image after enlarging it, click on the Resample button, and select the desired filter from the list.

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