What Is the Enhanced ScreenTip?

An enhanced ScreenTip is a feature in certain applications of the 2010 and 2013 editions of the Microsoft Office productivity suite. It is a small, pop-up window that provides helpful details of buttons, menus or controls when the user points the mouse to these application elements.

An enhanced ScreenTip extends the function of a standard ScreenTip by expounding on the latter's descriptive texts. For instance, a ScreenTip only shows the text Themes when the mouse pointer is over the Themes button in Microsoft Word, whereas the enhanced ScreenTip describes what the button does exactly and adds a link to a help guide. In Office 2013, users can change ScreenTip settings by going to User Interface Options in the application's general options. They can choose to show additional information, display the command name only or disable them altogether. Users can modify ScreenTips to display the descriptions in a different language.

In Office 2007 applications, the ScreenTip can be used to quickly translate a single word. Instead of appearing in a task pane, the translation pops up right beside the original word to which the mouse is pointing. Only four languages have native support: Arabic, English, French and Spanish. The availability of the other languages depends on which localized version of Office 2007 is installed. Additional language pairs for translation are available through download.