How Do You Endorse on LinkedIn?

How Do You Endorse on LinkedIn?

To endorse one of your connections on LinkedIn, go to the person's profile page and click the plus signs located next to the specific skills listed. To endorse multiple skills at one time, click the profile Endorse button. Enter in specific skills or select skills from the suggestion list.

  1. Endorse individual skills

    Log in to LinkedIn, and go to the connection's profile page. Click the plus signs located next to individual skills listed in the Skills & Endorsements section.

  2. Endorse multiple skills at one time

    Click the Endorse button located at the top of the connection's profile page. Review the pre-filled skill suggestion list to determine if these are the skills you want to endorse. Click the X next to skills that you don't want to endorse.

  3. Type in specific skills to endorse

    Enter in specific skills in the text box provided. Click the X next to the additional skill suggestions that appear, if you don't want to endorse those skills. Click Endorse.

  4. Endorse skills for additional connections

    Review the additional skills suggested for other connections. Click the +Endorse button located underneath the connection's name on the suggestion list to endorse skills. Click Close when finished.