How Do You Encourage Your Kids to Learn How to Type?


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Many software programs can teach typing in a very child-friendly way with visually attractive games that make learning to type interesting and fun. A very effective method to encourage typing skills in children is to turn typing exercises into a competition.

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How Do You Encourage Your Kids to Learn How to Type?
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Several Internet-based software programs provide a fun typing competition that can encourage children to build their skills. One of them is the free set of typing tools, drills and games available at Typing.com. The software at Typing.com can group many students into groups that allow for the creation of data sets in a display that is only visible to those with administrator access.

Typing.com can display the students with the top five fastest typing speeds or those in a class with the top typing scores on a daily or weekly basis. To create more encouragement among large groups of students, Typing.com keeps track of the top performing student typing teams or classrooms throughout an entire school.

The interface of Typing.com is customizable, allowing students to choose from a selection of gaming backgrounds and switch between them over time. Typing.com is free to use; is compatible with PC, Mac and Linux systems; and can be run on most Internet browsers.

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