How Do You Enable Synchronization in Google Chrome in Four Steps?


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To enable the synchronization feature of Google Chrome, start by signing in to your Google account from Chrome. In some cases, once signed in, the browser may automatically prompt users to synchronize, but if not, click on the Chrome menu icon and then click on "Settings." From there click on "Advanced Sync Settings" to choose the items that need to be synchronized.

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How Do You Enable Synchronization in Google Chrome in Four Steps?
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  1. Sign in to Chrome

    Open Chrome and click on the Chrome menu, which is available through the icon on the toolbar that has three horizontal lines. From the drop-down menu, select Sign In to Chrome. Provide the Google account and password in the webpage that opens up, and sign in to Chrome.

  2. Select the items to be synced

    After signing in to Chrome, click on Advanced (if prompted), or go to the Settings menu to access the advanced sync settings, and select whether or not to sync everything. For syncing all the available items, select Sync Everything. If not, select Choose What to Sync, then check the individual items to be synced.

  3. Select the encryption options

    Google encrypts the passwords using the credentials of the Google account used to sign in to Chrome. However, you can also choose to encrypt everything by setting up a encryption passphrase of your own.

  4. Finish the synchronization process

    After setting up all options, click OK to finish the synchronization process.

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