How Do You Enable Remote Desktop Using the Run Command MSTSC?

To enable remote desktop, open the run window from the start menu, type mstsc and click OK. Type the name or IP address of the computer or choose it from a drop-down list. Click "Connect" to initiate remote connection.

Mstsc commands work on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows server 2003/2008. Users can include several other commands to a remote desktop connection to enable other settings. If users want to open the remote desktop session in full screen mode, add the /f switch to the mstsc command so that it reads mstsc /f.

To specify the username of the remote computer on the command itself, use a /v switch. The command will therefore be mstsc /v:computername. To specify a remote desktop connection using an rdp file, type mstsc RDP_filename.

Windows XP only allows a single active user at a time. Therefore, whenever you try to open a connection to a server, it opens a new user session. Avoid this by initiating a connection to the console. This allows you to login back to the same user session. Do this by adding the /console switch to the mstsc command so that it reads, mstsc /console. After launching the remote desktop connection window using the mstsc command, can customize the options by clicking the "Options" menu.