How Do You Enable Popups in Chrome?


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Enable pop-ups in Chrome in the Chrome Settings menu. Click on the menu in the top-right corner, then click Settings. Next, click Show Advanced Settings, then click Content Settings in the Privacy section. Under Pop-ups, select Allow All Sites To Show Pop-ups. To enable pop-ups in the Android or iOS version of Chrome, touch the menu in the top right, then touch Settings followed by Site Settings. Finally, touch Pop-ups.

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Enable pop-ups for a specific website by clicking on the blocked pop-up icon in the address bar, then selecting Always Allow Pop-ups From This Site. If an IT department manages your device, it may have placed restrictions on your ability to alter browser settings. In this case, contact the network administrator for assistance. You can find out if any restrictions are set by typing "about:policy" into the Chrome address bar, then pressing Enter. A list of policies set by an administrator appears; otherwise the page shows "No policies set."

Enable pop-ups permanently for a website or range of websites in the Exceptions Manager. To find this, navigate to the Privacy section of the Advanced Settings menu as described above. Click the Content Settings button in the Privacy section, then click Manage Exceptions, and enter a list of websites on which you wish to allow pop-ups.

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