How Do You Enable Macros?


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Microsoft Office macros can be enabled through the Trust Center. Depending on the product in use, the Trust Center can either be located in "Options" or under the "Tools" menu.

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  1. Access the Trust Center

    The steps for accessing the Trust Center depend on the specific product in use. For MS Word, Access, Excel and PowerPoint, click on the "Microsoft Office" button, located at the top-left corner of the window, then click on the "Options" button. The button is labeled in the "Program Options" format. Select the "Trust Center" category from the list. In MS Outlook, Visio and Publisher, the Trust Center is shown directly under the "Tools" menu. Click on "Tools," then select "Trust Center" from the menu.

  2. Select "Macro Settings" from the "Trust Center" category

    For MS Word, Access, Excel and PowerPoint, click on the "Trust Center Settings" button, located under the "Trust Center" category. From there, select "Macro Settings." For MS Outlook, Visio and Publisher, click on "Macro Settings" from the Trust Center.

  3. Enable all macros

    From the list of options available, select "Enable All Macros" to allow all macros to run on the computer. Allowing all macros can pose serious security threats to the computer. Selecting the "Disable All Macros Except Digitally Signed Macros" option only allows digitally signed macros from trusted sources to run.

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