How Do You Enable JavaScript on Windows 7?

Change the setting in your Internet browser to enable JavaScript on Windows 7. Although every browser requires slightly different steps to enable JavaScript, the steps required to enable JavaScript on Internet Explorer, which is the native browser for Windows 7, is similar to the steps required for other browsers.

  1. Open Internet Explorer

    Double-click the Internet Explorer icon on your screen to open the browser. Wait a moment as the browser opens and each function appears.

  2. Open Tools

    Click the Tools option from the menu at the top of the Internet Explorer webpage, and select Internet Options. Several options from which you may choose appear on the screen. Click Security, and then select Internet zone.

  3. Select Default Level

    Click Default Level if you have never made adjustments to your Internet Options on this computer. If you have made adjustments in the past, you may need to click Custom Level. Locate the Security Settings, and click the Internet Zone dialog box. Click Enable for Active Scripting inside of the Scripting section of the page.

  4. Return to the previous page

    Click the browser's Back button to return to the page that needs JavaScript to run. Click Refresh to allow JavaScript to run on the page.