How Do You Enable DHCP?

The Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol can be enabled by letting the system automatically choose the IP address and DNS server address. These options can be accessed through the Properties of the local adapter, which is listed as Local Area Connection in the Network and Sharing Center.

  1. Access Network and Sharing Center

    Click on the Start button, go to Control Panel, and find Network and Sharing Center listed under the Network and Internet category. Click on it to access the Network and Sharing Center. Alternatively, click on the Start button, and type in "Network and Sharing Center" in the search box. When it comes up, access it by clicking on it.

  2. Access the properties of the local adapter

    When the Network and Sharing Center opens up, click on the Change Adapter Settings link found on the left side of the window. This shows a list of all available connections on the computer. Right-click on the Local Area Connection icon, and select Properties from the menu. Alternatively, double-click on the Local Area Connection icon. This opens up the Local Area Connection Status window. Click on the Properties button on that window.

  3. Enable the DHCP

    When the Local Area Connection Properties window comes up, select Internet Protocol Version 4 or TCP/IPv4 from the list, and click on Properties. This opens up the Internet Protocol Version 4 or TCP/IPv4 Properties window. From here, select the Obtain An IP Address Automatically and the Obtain DNS Server Address Automatically options. Click OK to apply the settings, thus enabling the DHCP.