How Do You Enable Desktop Composition?

How Do You Enable Desktop Composition?

The desktop composition feature is an inherent feature of Windows Vista and newer versions of Windows operating systems and is usually enabled in any system. However, if it has been disabled, a user may access the advanced system settings from the control panel and enable it manually. The user needs to be logged in as an administrator to access and change this option, and the desktop composition feature may also be manually disabled by following the same procedure.

  1. Access the advanced system settings

    Click on the Start button and select Control Panel. In the Control Panel, select System and Security and then click on System. When the system window appears, click on Advanced System Settings.

  2. Access the settings

    When the system property windows pops up, select the Advanced tab. Click on the Settings button under the performance section to access the performance options window.

  3. Enable desktop composition

    After accessing the performance options window, select the Visual Effects tab. All the available settings for the appearance and performance of Windows are listed here. Find the Enable Desktop Composition option from this list, and check this option to enable desktop composition if it is disabled. It is also possible to disable desktop composition from here simply by removing the check from the Enable Desktop Composition option.