How Do You Enable Cookies on an IPad?

How Do You Enable Cookies on an IPad?

To enable cookies on your iPad, open the Settings menu, and tap on Safari settings. Choose one of the three options that allow cookies.

  1. Access Safari settings

    Since Safari is the native web browser on the iPad, you must enable cookies via Safari. From the Home screen, tap the Settings icon. Scroll down, and tap Safari.

  2. Access the cookies options menu

    Tap the menu labeled Block Cookies, which is located under the sub-menu labeled Privacy and Security. Even though it is labeled Block Cookies, this is the menu that allows you to enable cookies.

  3. Choose an option that allows cookies

    In iOS 8 or later, you have four options: Always Allow, Allow from Websites I Visit, Allow from Current Websites Only or Always Block. On earlier iOS versions, you have three options: Never, From third parties and advertisers, and Always. Tap on any one of the settings that allow cookies.

  4. Test whether cookies are enabled

    Press the Home button to return to the Home screen. Tap on the Safari icon. Type in into the address bar of Safari, and tap Go. View the result in the browser window. If you have properly enabled cookies, a green Yes appears on the screen.