How do you enable cookies on Internet Explorer?


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Enable cookies in Internet Explorer by clicking the gear-wheel icon at the top right of the browser window and choosing Internet Options. Next, click on the Privacy tab, then move the slider to the desired setting.

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  1. Click the gear-wheel icon, and choose Internet Options

    Click the gear-wheel icon located at the top right of the browser. After that, select Internet Options. If the Menu Bar is enabled, click on Tools, and select Internet Options.

  2. Click the Privacy tab

    After choosing Internet Options, click on the Privacy tab, which gives you an option to select the desired privacy settings.

  3. Move the slider to the desired setting

    Options range from Block All Cookies to Accept All Cookies. Select the Accept All Cookies setting by moving the slider downwards. You may also to customize your settings under Advanced. Click OK to save the settings.

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