What Is an EMZ File?


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An enhanced metafile-zipped file is an extension for a Windows compressed enhanced metafile. EMZ files contain an enhanced metafile image that is compressed via a GZIP compression application. The EMZ file was created by Microsoft to be applied in programs such as Visio and Office.

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EMZ files contain vector images associated with Microsoft’s compressed enhanced metafile. The image contained in the EMZ file is viewable within Microsoft Office programs or Visio. To view the image within the EMZ file, insert it into any Microsoft Office program as an image. Users can also view the image within the EMZ file by extracting and copying the image.

To open an EMZ file, double-click the file on a Windows-based desktop. Double-clicking the file opens the compressed file to view the enhanced metafile contained in the archive. Right-click the white space in the opened zip file, and select the Extract All option. Next, select the location for the extracted file by clicking Browse. Select the location on the hard drive for the extracted file. After determining the location, click Extract to decompress the EMF file. After double-clicking the file in the copied location, Windows automatically opens and displays the EMF image for viewing.

To convert the EMZ file to another file type, open the EMZ file in the default program, and save the file to another format.

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